1. Scalp Concerns and Ways to Mitigate It

    Scalp Concerns and Ways to Mitigate It

    A dwindling mane or white flakes resting on your shoulder can shatter your confidence. Hair concerns are many and getting increasingly common. They dampen our spirits each time we look at the mirror. Living amidst high pollution levels, surrounded by dust, and using hard water for cleaning the hair, problems like hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, and dryness, are normal for the urban dwellers.

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  2. Hair Care Regimen for Men

    Hair Care Regimen for Men

    Whether you have a flowing mane (more power to you if you have) or short fades, your hair is an integral part of you. It is not easy for the man with a thinning patch or thick, wavy, and unruly strands - hair matters for men too. A study by Yale university indicates, “men who are unhappy with their hair tend to get more self-conscious, self-critical and less sociable.” The thought of a bad hair day is equally irking for a man as for a woman.

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  3. The Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

    The Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

    The time of the year to embrace the sunshine is officially here! Long lazy days on the beach, endless parties on the patios, irresistible scent of saltwater, and a sun-soaked skin. Pause! It is summer 2020!

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  4. The Top Benefits of Using Herbal Hair Treatment

    The Top Benefits of Using Herbal Hair Treatment

    Your crowning glory is a treasured part of you. The rising pollution levels, hard water, hot and humid climate, and rushed routine are harmful to your hair. Good hair days are rare and truly cherished. It is the root cause of the ever-increasing hair problems in every age group, gender, location, and occupation. Hair concerns like hair fall, dandruff, and premature hair greying are becoming common. It is more important than ever before to treat your hair herbally. Think before using any shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum, or taking any hair treatment. Know the ingredients and go only for natural and herbal products. 

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